Yoga Therapy for Allergies: Some of Effective Yoga Styles and Asana

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Yoga Therapy for Allergies: Some of Effective Yoga Styles and Asana

Does yoga therapy help with allergies? Different studies all over the world have revealed the importance of yoga when it comes to preventing or managing allergies. One study NCBI shows how yoga can help improve allergy symptoms and bring relief. As it turns out, yoga therapists are devoted to helping those with allergies-related issues using yoga therapy sessions. Here is all you need to know about yoga therapy , the best yoga techniques for allergy prevention and management, and how effective it is in preventing and managing allergies?

Yoga therapy and allergies

Many people love blooming trees, budding flowers, and some just love trying new things. However, despite the pleasure that comes with trying new things, some of us can avoid the consequences, which most of them include allergies. There are different types of allergies. You might be suffering from seasonal or sometimes other kinds of allergies like allergic rhinitis, asthma attacks, food allergies, or hay fever.

Yoga therapy, on the other hand, has been used for many years as a way of helping control your allergic reaction. Most studies have found that yoga therapy can increase body relaxation, reduce inflammation, and aid in positive body response to allergies.

Yoga styles for preventing, relieving and managing allergies

There are different yoga styles that therapists use to help with allergies. Some of the styles and yoga techniques include:

Bikram or hot yoga

Though it has yet been medically or scientifically proven, many online testimonials indicate Bikram yoga as an effective tool for fighting allergies, especially Hay fever. Bikram yoga can help get rid of itchiness, sneezing, and stuffing, which most of the time are caused by environmental factors. This type of yoga can also help with asthma. However, your therapist needs to know all your symptoms before they allow you to try the Bikram yoga for asthma patients.

Pranayama breathing

Pranayama preaching is a type of yoga that helps in controlling your breathing. It is effective in preventing respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, bronchitis, and emphysema. When it comes to allergies, pranayama is a perfect tool for managing seasonal allergies. Yoga therapist uses it for asthma patients and to help relieve allergic reactions.

Alternate-nostril breathing

Like pranayama, alternate-nostril breathing help in relaxing the body. Inhaling through the left nose and holding your breath for seconds before exhaling through the right nose can be all you need to relieve seasonal allergies.

Yoga therapy asana for allergies

There are also yoga asanas that can help in relieving allergies. Some of these asanas include:

  • Downward-facing dog:if you are already stuffed up, this asana puts more pressure on the sinuses and helps drain trapped mucus from your nasal passages.
  • Supported back ends:soothes your nasal muscles and unblocks your nasal passage.
  • Floor Bow Pose:the Floor Bow pose opens up your rib cage to allow your lungs to expand for better airflow.
  • Blowing in Firm Pose: it increases your lung elasticity.
  • Half Tortoise Pose:stretches your lung’s lower part, which is therapeutic for people with asthma
  • Triangle pose: benefits your lungs, heart, and force them to work together and help with seasonal allergies.

No one wants to experience allergies, whether seasonal or otherwise. Allergies are a big puzzle in our lives, and Yoga therapy can help with the puzzle. A regular yoga practice and breathing exercises can help calm your symptoms, the nervous system, stop the itchiness, and clear your nasal passage. People with food allergies can also benefit from yoga therapy. Have you ever experienced the benefits of yoga therapy when it comes to allergies? The practice can help alleviate allergy symptoms.

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