Yoga Retreat for Couples with Tantric Dance

Tantric dance

Yoga Retreat for Couples with Tantric Dance

Are you ready to change your marriage or relationship life? Are you curious about the Tantric dance in yoga retreats and how Tantra can help enhance your love life? Curious whether it can excite your love life and lead to a better marriage? There is so much you can learn during your couple’s yoga retreat, and one of them is the Tantric dance. A session of this dance will answer most of your questions and get to know your partner better. What is Tantric dance, and how can it help during yoga retreats?

What isTantric dance?

A Tantric dance during your yoga retreats is a journey from simple pleasure to bliss from illusion to awakening and even from ignorance to understanding. This improvisation dance is not only a lot of fun but also allows you to experience yourself more playful and free. You get to connect more freely with your intimate self and find a balance between your feminine and masculine energies exploring the ultimate path of Tantric awakening where everything fuels your body, heart, and your whole being.

What you need during a Tantric dance

If you are curious about what to bring, you will be surprised at what you will bring. One thing you will need is a curious attitude. You also need to find a safe space for you and your partner if you want to enjoy the dance and have the most amazing experience. Also, don’t forget to bring your partner.

Benefits of Tantric dance

There are many ways that Tantric dance during your yoga retreat can help you and your significant other. They include:

  • Experience yourself in a more passionate, but playful and a freer way
  • Feel your life energy (both masculine and feminine) flowing more intensely
  • Discover your boundaries and even learn how to communicate with your spouse in a more playful way
  • Enjoy a more intimate connection and contact with your spouse
Purpose of Tantric dance

The purpose of the this dance is to transmit your Tantra as a wild, unspoiled path of your spiritual awakening, without forgetting sexual energy awakening. However, there is more to it than spiritual and sexual awakening. The dance will help:

  • Juices your body with its orgasmic energy
  • Light up your heart with devotion fire
  • Seduce your mind to help crack its ignorance shell and expand it into unlimited consciousness
  • Wake up the lovingly fearful sleepy-self and discover into the unknown
  • Enhance your understanding of why feminine seeks love and masculine seeks freedom
  • Celebrate an authentic and embodied love
  • Dive deeper into the Tantric sexuality
  • Fears and fantasy practices

The whole idea of adding Tantric dance into couples yoga retreats focuses on building everyone’s sexuality and moving it through their bodies. It helps to raise and share sexual energies in a partnership, which is what most people need to have a powerful relationship.

Is it for you?

Who can go for this yoga retreat with a touch of Tantric dance? They are suitable for everyone, including, couples, married people, and even singles who want to find and share quality time with another person.

Tantric dance during yoga retreats brings awareness into your intimated relating, connects you with your partner from the heart, and cultivates a love-flow to help you grow together. It encompasses a dance, where you embrace fiery passion in everything in-between your relations including, and lovemaking. The ultimate goal is to help you relax deeply into whatever arises when you are dancing together as a couple. Sexuality and intimacy are vulnerable and sensitive areas in a relationship. Tantric dance is there to contain everything and lead to an open, playful love adventure.

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