Yoga for Weight Loss in Rishikesh Is Not Only Asana Practice

Weight loss yoga Rishikesh

Yoga for Weight Loss in Rishikesh Is Not Only Asana Practice

Does the power of yoga help lose weight? Did you know that there are many ways yoga can help you shed extra pounds? Millions of people in India are using yoga as an effective way of losing weight. The rejuvenating workout regimen and other included practices make yoga one of the best methods of weight loss and weight maintenance. How does this work?

In a physical sense, vigorous yoga is [perfect for strengthening your glutes and toning your entire body muscles. For most people losing eight using yoga is not only about Asana practices. There are other things involved like Ayurveda massage, detox meal, meditation, yogic, and herbal therapy. To start with, here is how some of these ways work.

Healthy nutrition

Once you start doing yoga, you need to learn ways to modify your eating habits and start eating healthy nutrition and diet. Making sudden changes to your diet might not be simple, but gradually moving towards a healthy diet and other yogic ways of eating will keep you healthy and help you lose weight in the process. For example, a combination of asana practice and a detox meal during the day is a way of watching your weight.

Ayurveda massages

As some say, Ayurveda massages are ancient India’s best-kept secret. The massage is part of yoga therapy in Indian, and most people use it to relax, meditation as they watch what they do and eat. The message is combined with diet and other lifestyle modifications based on your body type to help shed extra weight. Plants and oils used during one session to help the body eliminate ama or toxins that cause excess weight. Ayurveda massage is designed to remove and balance your body to shed extras toxin and weight.

Herbal therapy

Like Ayurveda, herbal therapy involves massages and use of other techniques like a nasal spray, herbal remedies, and enemas. These techniques complement Ayurveda massage and yoga to help your body shed extra weight. Once in Rishikesh, ask your practitioner of herbal therapies for weight loss. Only they can determine your treatment needs and elements for your body type.


Pranayama is an effective way used by most people in Rishikesh to lose weight. We gain weight because of our busy lifestyle and lack of exercise. Pranayama is easily integrated into our daily routine. To understand this yogic approach for weight loss, you need to visit Rishikesh, the home of yoga.

Yogic kriyas

You always see people with flawless skin, and beautiful bodies and you keep asking yourself of ways to get there. You don’t need to ask yourself anymore. There are yogic kriyas that can help you achieve your goal of getting a sexy body by losing more weight. For example, the kunjal kriya is a yogic method where you purge salty water through your mouth to remove all the toxins. This method should be performed early morning, probably an hour before having breakfast.


There are amazing benefits of visiting Rishikesh, aside from its yogic lifestyle, you also get to live a healthy lifestyle, eating a combination of a healthy diet and enjoy lots of yoga activities that aids in weight loss. Its natural place where you can exercise and the atmosphere are other benefits of visiting Rishikesh of your weight loss program.

There is more when trying yoga for weight loss than just the yogic asanas. Yoga for weight loss in Rishikesh involves Ayurveda massages, herbal therapy, healthy nutrition, pranayama, and a combination of healthy and detoxing diet, among other things. These methods will help you shed more weight without feeling sick and without any negative effects on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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