Yoga for Beginners – What You Must Learn

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for Beginners – What You Must Learn

Finally, after waiting for some time, and planning things out, now you ready to start your yoga journey. A yoga journey is one of the most exciting things you will ever start in your life. However, despite all the fun you expect to have, your yoga journey is a time to explore and understand your environment, yourself, and everything else that surrounds you. It is a unique venture that allows you to dance to the beat you make. If you have decided, here is what you should learn as a yoga beginner.

Yoga is more than a fitness practice

In both the ancient and modern times, yoga is much more than a fitness exercise. The technique originated from India many years ago and transitioned to the west and all over the world more like over a century ago. For those who want to try out yoga, you need to know that it’s a technique that transformers you and your daily experiences.

You don’t need a level of flexibility or fitness to start your yoga journey

If you’ve never tried any form of yoga or exercise before, you don’t need to worry. To begin your yoga journey, you don’t have to be flexible or know any form of fitness level. You also don’t need specific clothes or other expensive things. A baseline level of fitness and flexibility and simple clothes are enough.

Learn the differ3nt styles of yoga

From Yin to Hatha to Vinyasa and Bikram yoga, yoga has many different styles that you need to learn. However, that doesn’t mean you need to know all the styles at once. Some yoga classes and session will help you learn about the yoga styles. Also, you can research online and find descriptions of these styles.

Yoga classes differ

They are general rules and things to expect in a yoga ashram. All classes are not the same. The structures of the classes differ. Most structures depend on class type, studio or school, and the teacher.

Learn some Sanskrit word and other specific words

You will always come upon words like Asanas, ashrams, healing, Prana, and even openness. All these words mean something in yoga. Also, there are specific poses sequence words like Vinyasa and Hatha yoga that you need to know. A teacher may try to explain the words and their meaning or even translate them. But sometimes learning about them before joining a yoga school is your best bet.

Learn about some Yoga beginner poses

After joining a yoga school, some of the things you will learn are beginner yoga poses like the mountain, triangle, forward bend, plank, and downward-facing dog poses. Your yoga teacher will provide instructions from these poses. If you can do a pose, don’t force yourself. A teacher can always modify the poses for you, until when you are ready to do the poses.

You will experience soreness after classes

Like walking for a long distance, running, or doing other exercises, you will be a little sore after your yoga class. However, the pain goes away after a few hours or days. If the pain becomes too much, it might be a sign of an injury.

Starting a yoga journey can be very intimidating. With over 300 poses and yoga styles, it is easier to decide that the yoga path is not right for you. However, learning some simple basics of yoga will go a long way. Yoga beginners must learn simple things that will keep them going during the first few yoga classes. Once you get used to it, yoga becomes your daily lifestyles. The more you learn, the more interesting the journey becomes.

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