Who Can Do Yoga Therapy For Weight Loss?

Yoga for Weight Loss

Who Can Do Yoga Therapy For Weight Loss?

There are tons of weight-loss strategies. These strategies can be beneficial and others not depending on who, where, and how they are done. With many weight-loss strategies, nothing beats yoga therapy, especially for people who need to aid of a therapist to get shed a few pounds. Yoga is among the richest heritages of India. Both its philosophical and practical aspects aim at helping everyone enjoy a happy and healthier lifestyle. When it comes to therapy, its benefits are numerous. But is it for weight loss meant for everyone?

Who can do yoga therapy for weight loss?

It is for everyone trying to lose weight. Talk about teenagers, kids, elderly and adults, males and females. Yoga therapy is for everyone. Here is a list of people who can use  therapy for weight loss

A therapy program consists of:

Cutting back on fats and all the processed foods: one thing you will know during the weight; loss program in how to cut the junk from your diet and fill your plate with lots of vegetable and fruits. Instead of pasta, rice, and white bread, you eat more of whole grains and other healthy stuff.

Avoid sugary drinks: learn how to swap juice, sports drinks, and soda for things like skim, low-fat milk, and water.

Encourage good eating habits: three healthy meal and a few healthy snacks will keep you full for the day. It is also enough for your kids and the elderly. Your yoga therapist will advise you on your diet plan, what to eat, at what time and what to avoid.

Exercises and meditation: exercising is the most significant part of yoga therapy, through asana, meditation, and other movements, you will be able to follow a yoga sequence or plan best for your weight loss goal.

These yoga therapy interventions help to improve obesity-related outcomes such as body weight, waist circumference, body fat, and body mass index (BMI) both in kid and grown-ups.

Yoga therapy for people with diabetes

Yoga therapy has been proved to be a better and safer way for weight loss. A result of a study by Lokmanya Municipal General Hospital, Sion, Bombay concluded that it is very effective in helping with weight loss for people with obesity.

The report goes on to state that, “Out of 52 subjects, weight loss was seen in 37 subjects. After 6 months’ treatment weight loss ranged from 2 to 4 kg.” They concluded that it has a definite improvement in Weight control and diabetes.

Yoga therapy for weight loss is not only for those with obesity and diabetes. Anyone who wants to manage their weight can use any form of yoga therapy programs to do so. It is safe for everyone on a weight watch program.

How yoga therapy works

Some people might think that it is nothing but mental relaxation and physical suppleness. But medical research shows that yoga, especially yoga therapy acts directly with blood circulation, metabolism, and the central nervous system to help control the body. 30 minutes of a therapy session is all you need to achieve your weight loss goal.

There are definite benefits of using yoga for weight loss. The fact that almost everyone can use it makes the program even more beneficial. The old, young, men, and women from all over the world can use it and achieve their goal. There are no risks involved. So it is time to try it and change your habit to healthy ones. Let a yoga therapist help you reach your goal and become as healthy as you can be.

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