Which Type of Meditation Better To Teach In Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners

Which Type of Meditation Better To Teach In Yoga for Beginners

As humans, we experience different things every day. Like Angela Agranoff of overcoming Guilt and Shame quotes, “Our time here on Earth is a learning experience, and no one is exempt.” We all have to go through different experiences in life, whether good or bad. We are not exempt. Like the flow of the ocean, sometime we may go through extreme periods where we need to make some adjustments to get back to the rhythm. It is time for meditation.

Meditation is a gift that appears to many as an act of sitting in silence for some period of time. Though this might be correct, there is more to meditate you need to know. Meditation is the beginning of a journey to your inner self or the death of your mind and heart as others put it. So as a beginner, what kind of meditation is right to teach yoga for beginners? Here are five meditation practices to teach yoga beginners.

Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation reflects around you and a deeper connection with your inner self and the universe. This type of meditation is best for those seeking spiritual interventions and growth. The practice is excellent for beginners who are willing to seek and find a deeper connection between their soul, mind, and body.

Mindfulness meditation

In mindfulness meditation, you get to pay attention to anything that passes through your mind. You don’t judge or become involved with them but observe and take note of the patterns. The aim is to find helpful focus, your breath, or an object. Some benefits of mindfulness meditation for beginners include:

  • Decrease stress response
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Helps refocus your attention
  • Helps with your negative moods
  • Improves your overall health and well-being
Guided meditation

Guided meditation is the best place to begin your meditation journey. It is also a way to remove stress from your system and replace it with inner peace from within you. This type of meditation can be done through listening to a recording, by going to a class and following verbal instructions. It also requires imagination that comes naturally through the guided procedure. Benefits are:

  • Helps a beginner who needs extra guidance in life
  • Helps with the emotional, mental and physical challenge
  • Builds an active mind with some focusing
  • Gain clarity in areas you are stuck
Breathing meditation

Breathing meditation for beginners helps bring back lost focus to the present moment. It also helps you make conscious decisions, calms your mind, and soothes your body. Another benefit of breathing meditation for yoga beginners is helping them to understand and appreciate life and how it influences your mental and physical well-being. Extra benefits include:

  • Clearing and centering the mind
  • Revitalized your body
  • Reduces stress immediately
  • Improves your mental and physical health
Mantra meditation

Mantra Meditation tends to be more structured than other forms of meditation. It also tends to be more difficult for beginners, but with proper guidance, it is one of the best meditation practices for them. Mantras mean an instrument or vehicle of the mind. In meditation, a mantra can be phrases, words, sounds, or even meditation music silently repeated for meditation purposes. The practice helps calm your mind and serve as a way of reaching a higher state of consciousness.

It’s not easy to wake up one day and change your life circumstances. Through meditation, you can build qualities of friendliness and love toward yourself and change the way you feel towards others in life in general. For beginners, meditation provides relief from life consequences, increase self-love, and enhances your inner peace. Meditation is perfect for yoga for the beginners’ class.


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