What Is The Optimal Schedule For 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course?

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What Is The Optimal Schedule For 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Ever been interested in being a yoga teacher, or are you already making plans to enroll in a yoga teaching school? You must be super excited. Maybe for the very first time in your life, you want to try something new and interesting. There are much-accredited yoga teachers worldwide. Most of them claim to offer the best yoga teacher training, but where exactly can you find the yoga teacher training with the best schedule?

The one step of becoming a successful yoga teacher is learning from the best. In this instance, finding the best teacher training starts with choosing a training center with an optimal schedule.  An optimal schedule for the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training includes learning various things like:

Mastering the asana postures

An optimal 200-hour teacher training must include posture  learning, adjusting, sequencing.  There are alignments, teaching methodology, and adjustments that you need to learn and master during your course. There is a particular amount of postures that you will master according the chart for Asana in Hatha and Ashtanga style.

Yoga physiology and anatomy

200 houryoga teacher training course includes a comprehensive study of yoga, including its anatomy and physiology. You get to learn different body parts, and how you can use your yoga knowledge for effective teachings and practices among other things.Main focus given to muscles, skeletal systems, digestion and nervous system.


Pranayama in your course involves creating an aura around your human body. The aura you create flows through subtle energy channels and chakras to help you or your student experience a continuous, steady, smooth energy in a calm, enthusiastic, positive way and much more. There are more then 50 different pranayama techniques that you master during 200 and 300 hrs yoga teacher training in Vedansha.

Yoga philosophy

The yoga philosophy involves knowing how to guide students through life philosophy with the help of yoga and yoga teats or chanting. The 200 house course imparts teaching that will help you to learn and understand how to live life in an appropriate way. This is one of the most important subject that gives opportunity to understand the background of all yoga practice.

Mantra chanting and meditation

Mantras or mantra chanting involve using various yoga texts to allow your mind to dissolve and repose every part of your body and being. Meditation, on the other hand, allows your mind to dissolve, focus, and meditate on useful, positive things in life. When both mantra chanting and meditation are combined and used in the best way possible, the result is a calm, serene, and peaceful you.


In some instances, 200 hours of teacher training involve learning about Ayurveda. This ancient knowledge indicates the measure of life. As a student, you get to know appropriate, and inappropriate medication, herbs, and foods, you also get to know happy and sorrowful living conditions and recommend practices that can enhance or change the situation.

For example, an optimal 200 hour yoga teacher training schedule might look like this:

  • Yoga postures, including standing sequence postures, sun salutation A and B, and finishing sequence postures.
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology, including the circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, respiratory system, chakras, muscular system, skeletal system, nervous system, and bodily system.
  • Yoga Cleansing which includes jalaneti, Rubber-neti and Kapalbhati which is cleansing of the lungs
  • Yoga Nidra involving tension relaxation, full body relaxation, and essential relaxation
  • Mudras or yoga gestures which involve Nasikagra, Jnana mudra, Chin mudra, Yoni mudra, Shambhavi mudra, and Bhairava mudra.
  • Yoga Bandhas including doubts, teaching, Mula and MahaBandha, Jalandhar, preparation, and Uddiyana among others.

There is so much to learn at the 200 Hours Teacher Training course. To be awarded on completion, you need to know about the course and choose a schedule that fits your time, budget, and schedule. The training educates those who aspire to increase their spiritual awareness through yoga practices, discussions, meditation, and philosophy or those who want to be yoga instructors in the future. We will learn about safety and alignment, body awareness, and develop your personal consciousness and growth.


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