Virasana Hero Pose: A Yoga Sequence for Beginners

virasana hero pose rishikesh

Virasana Hero Pose: A Yoga Sequence for Beginners

Virasana Hero pose Rishikesh . If you are a yoga beginner, you need to know gentle, calm, but effective yoga poses that will leave you feeling incredibly amazing and rejuvenated. There are yoga poses best for beginners, but the one you would want to experience first is the Hero Pose or Virasana. Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning Vira for the Hero and Asana for the Posture, Virasana is similar to the Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt Pose.

Instruction to help you perform the Hero Pose

Virasana Hero pose Rishikesh. Begin by kneeling or sitting with your knees bent and your feet on both sides of your hips. Your heels should be pointed towards the ceiling. If you feel like you are putting too much strain on your knees, sit on a folded blanket or yoga block to ease discomfort. When you feel you are flexible enough to sit on the ground, remove the block or blanket and process to sit on the flow in between your legs.

Sometimes this pose is very hard if you have issues with your knees like knee injuries or other joint issues, but it is also the best pose to current any issue these issues. If is it easy for you, try to make it harder by working towards a reclining hero pose. All you need to do is leaning on your forearms, gradually laying all the way to the ground.

Benefits of Virasana for beginners

For beginners, Hero Pose increases flexibility and stretch your thighs, knees, and ankles. It also helps reduce thigh and leg tightness and teaches internal thigh rotation. Hero Pose also stretches your quadriceps, promotes lengthens your spine, and also promotes inner calm.

Additionally, Virasana is also for those with not well-prepared joints. If practiced in the correct form, it will correct the alignment of not well-prepared joints and bring greater awareness to your entire body. However, you should avoid if you have a chronic or recent knee injury or inflammation. If you feel any jarring or pinching pain, immediately stop. Also, if you are suffering from headaches and heart problems, it is better to avoid it.

Variation and modifications

Virasana is an excellent way to improve your posture. But the deep stretches means is essential to start slowly, especially for beginners. Use props in available and make other modifications until you are comfortable enough. Some of the modifications and variations you can make for the asana include:

  • Sit on a yoga block or folded blanket if you find it hard to sit on the floor
  • Use extra padding for your knees and place a rolled towel beneath your knees
  • If necessary, reach your arms as forward as possible and as parallel to the ground as possible. It will increase your torso stretch and offer you more benefits.
  • Also, other variations include keeping your hands as in mudra pose or you hells closer together with your buttock on the heels.

For beginners, take it slow. Even if it takes days or weeks to master the pose. Sometimes it takes even years to reach its full expression. There is no need to rush. Patience is the key to success in yoga. It is not different when it comes to Virasana. You need the patience to master the pose.

Yoga has been used for centuries as a way to increase flexibility and mobility. Virasana is among other poses used for these benefits. But for this pose, it can go a long way to align your joints if they are not well aligned and help your body reach great awareness. Your mind, soul, and mind are united in peace and stillness because of the pose.

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