Yoga Therapy Training – Main Principles of Teaching in Rishikesh, India

yoga therapy training

Yoga Therapy Training – Main Principles of Teaching in Rishikesh, India

For many ancient yogis, they viewed yoga as an end to suffering and a path to liberation. They did not view it as a therapeutic modality. But as time went by, India yogis came to know about yoga and its therapeutic effects. They noticed that yoga can treat everything from pains, aches, and even help people suffering from chronic illnesses like cancer. Yogis in India used yoga to improve spiritual development and promote good health. What are the main principles of yoga for therapy in India now?

Right relaxation

The last thing any yoga teacher wants to do is to give your students yoga practices that can end up causing injuries or making their injuries worse. A yoga therapist must know the first principle of yoga therapy, which is relaxation. Proper relaxation gets rid of any muscle tension you might have because of illnesses or injuries and help rest your whole body, including the nervous system. It also allows students to experience inner peace, feel refreshed and relaxed through the day.

Proper exercise

Being a yoga therapist means you need to be conservative and well versed to various asanas and know with one to recommend to someone with either an injury or any illness. The right exercise is the second principle of yoga therapy in India. The principle is based on ideas to move that will help heal the physical body. To achieve the result of this principle, you need to know various yoga postures. They might include poses that help tone and strengthens muscles and ligaments, those that enhance flexibility and stability, among others.

Right diet

Nothing beats yoga therapy in India like the diet. This diet principle in India makes it natural for yoga therapist and student to see the results of their hard work. A healthy diet involves foods that don’t affect your mind, causing spiritual awareness blockages and those that lead to mental deficiency. A proper diet nourishes your mind, body, and soul. It helps in building a healthy immune system. The right diet plan includes Balanced diet and moderate eating.

Right breathing

Ever heard of pranayama in yoga? Pranayama exercise or breathing exercise is the main principle of yoga therapy. The right breathing exercise helps you to breathe rhythmically and fully. It allows increased energy to all parts of your body, especially the lungs. To do this, your yoga therapist will guide you through:

  • How to regulate your breathing
  • Duration and length of inhalation and exhalation
  • Pauses between each breath
  • Deep breathing exercises and much more

The breathing exercise or pranayama is used by yoga therapist to control your mind, energize your body. By regulating the flow of Prana, they help you to gain focus, remain calm, and increase your energy levels.

Meditation and positive thinking

The five and maybe the last principle in yoga therapy Training involves positive thinking and meditation. What we think daily affects our actions and the quality of life we live. Maintaining a positive approach helps develop your spirituality and leads to inner peace. Positive thinking and meditation is yoga therapy is a fine way to deal with anxiety, stress, and depressions. It helps get rid of negativity in your life and control your mind.

Yoga therapy is a better way of fighting illness and injuries. Ironically, not everyone appreciates the power of yoga therapy. Indians know the benefits and that’s why they try as much as they can to use it to deal with day to day effects. Yoga therapy thus can be a gateway to perfect health, spiritual development, and a wake-up call to people who want a better reflection of their true selves.

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