Awdhesh Semwal born in spiritual Rishikesh. His family was never considered him for the yogic way, however being a child he got some health issues that required yoga and Ayurveda support. After that, his understanding of yoga powers changed and he decided dedicate himself for yoga.

He was performing asana, pranayama, meditation during many years daily and completes get cured of health issues.

After  Master Degree in Yoga in Uttarakhand Sanskrit University and become Yoga Acharya in 2014 he become a yoga instructor in different yoga schools in Rishikesh.

His love for Ashtanga style brought him to Mysore, to master this type of Yoga. His Guru Ajay Kumar from Mysore shared with Awdhesh nuances of Ashtanga Yoga teaching as well as many practical tips.

Awdhesh is teaching Ashtanga, Yoga Therapy in Vedansha Institute.