Shavasana in Yoga Therapy: Its Benefits

shavasana in yoga therapy rishikesh india

Shavasana in Yoga Therapy: Its Benefits

Shavasana in Yoga therapy. There is a common misconception about shavasava and its benefits. Some people claim shavasava or savasana is not an ideal method for yoga therapy, but just a type of exercise. Othershave other others misconceptions. The truth is savasana is not just an exercise, nor is it meditation or yoga. Shavasana is an opportunity to quiet your body and relax your mind, it allows you to reach a state of conscious surrender, to awaken your inner inactive powers. The magical process also helps you reach deep relaxation state and removes all types of mental, emotional and physical diseases.

It is obvious that we can’t do anything without a motive. Most of the time we try any type of exercise because of its benefits. Shavasana is a yoga practice that help cure many diseases. Yoga therapist loves the corpse postures because of many other factors including:

Helping to reduce or eliminate physical, mental or emotional stress and fatigue

Also, it’s normal for sometimes to feel mentally, emotionally and physically fatigues. The fatigue can lead to diseases that can be treated through therapy. Shavasana in yoga therapy acts as a way to heal the body and mind and help you rejuvenate yourself. To attain the benefits that comes with shavasana, you need more self-anatomy and attention. This way you can focus on every part of your body.

Also according to science, depression occurs due to neutropenia circulation in your brain. Savasana posture helps in getting rid of the stress by bringing your body into deep relaxation, repairing the cells and tissues.

shavasana in yoga therapy rishikesh india

Shavasana for controlling your blood pressure and diabetes

Sometimes when for diabetes and blood pressure patients, only exercise and therapy can help them cope with the situations that may arise. Blood sugar or diabetes is a metabolic disease that can be controlled through therapy. With savasana, the benefit is that the posture helps get rid of excess sugar from your system.

For blood pressure, lying on your back and relaxing keeps your heart rate constant and free of pressure. It also calms your body and mind helping with controlling your pressure in the process.

Promote better sleep

Not once do people with insomnia, sleep apnea or other forms of sleeping issues visit therapists to try and solve the problems. Because savasana helps you reach a sate of conscious surrender, it releases all the stress and tension from your body leaving you in a state of deep relaxation. The yogic relaxation pose emphasis is given to rhythmic, slow and relaxed breathing. The more you relax, the better you feel and the more ready you will be to sleep when the time comes.

Other therapist used shavasana to:

Promote and enhances self-confidence

Help increase concentration and positive thinking

Increase your intellectual capacity

When is the best time for shavasana?

Normally shavasana is usually done after your yoga session, or in the end of your sessions. This way you can relax your body after the session and help relax your muscles. In case of injuries, the pose can also help in relaxation and the healing process after a workout session. But for people who find it hard to fall asleep, shavasana in a therapy pose that should be performed moments before going to bed. It helps you fall asleep easilybecause it empties you mind and relaxes your body and muscles.

Most people use yoga poses for therapy in different areas of their lives. When it comes to shavasana, it is best for yoga therapy. It aids in deep relaxation and rejuvenation in your mind and body, helping you deal properly with mental, physical and emotional fatigue. It also aids in issues like dealing with blood pressure, lack of sleep and others. 15 to 30 minutes is enough for you to get full benefit of the pose.

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