Reiki Purification Techniques in Rishikesh, India

Reiki Purification Rishikesh

Reiki Purification Techniques in Rishikesh, India

Reiki Purification Rishikesh . Energy therapies are taking over as the best alternative healing method. Most people use these therapies to create a higher state and peace, balance, and health. Among the energy therapies is Reiki. Whether you are offering or receiving Reiki, it’s essential to know that there are different techniques used for purification purposes. As Mikao Usui puts it, “it can never and will never belong to just one person or one organization. It is the spiritual heritage of all of humanity.”

Reiki Purification Rishikesh therapy is a technique that involves different techniques. In these techniques, practitioners attuned to Reiki energy channels positive energy to you. One thing about this technique is that it can be distance or one-on-one healing sessions. To understand better, here are some techniques used by Reiki healers for Reiki energy purification.

Distance healing

Distance healing is a energy purification method where both the healer and recipient are in different locations. The healing process can take place from one house to another, one room to another, or even from one place to another. Some practitioners use Reiki symbols like CKR (Cho Ku Rei) to send energy across places, space, time, and practitioners. Other symbols for distance healing include:

  • The power symbol used to decrease or increase power and also acts like a light switch that represents your ability to enlighten or illuminate spiritually.
  • The harmony symbol: Sei Hei Ki intention is to purify. It is the most used symbol when it comes to energy purification.
  • The distance symbol: Hon Sha ze sho nen or the distance symbol sends energy across long distances. It also transforms itself and become a key to unlock blocked energies.
  • The master symbol: Dai Ko Myo represents enlightenment. It is the most complex of all symbols.
  • The completion symbol: the raku or completion symbol is the final stage and Reiki healing or attunement process. It meant for grounding, settling the body and sealing the awakened energy within you.
The Reiki box

It is simple and probably the best Reiki Purification Rishikesh techniques. It is literally like a box. You write or draws your massage or situation in a piece of paper. It can even be a request for sending Reiki energy. Once you write the note. It is a way of establishing an energetic signature. Choose a box, but the message and send it to the intended person

Surrogate Method

The surrogate method involves using a surrogate to get energy from one place to another. The method requires you to:

Choose an object such as a stuffed animal like a teddy bear, pillow, or doll for your subject. Use the Reiki distance symbol and basic hand positions on your surrogate. The surrogate represents the intent. You can give it out as a gift, or as a toy.

Miniature surrogate method

The miniature method takes only five to 10 minutes. Using the Reiki distance symbol, you get to activate Reiki energy using both your hands, picture your subject, and allow the energy to flow until you feel guided.

Self-purification technique

Self Reiki treatment remains as one of the most used energy purification techniques. The techniques involve preparing yourself and then using universal life force energy for purification. The therapy helps in relaxation, reducing anxiety, and stress, promoting increased energy levels and reduces fatigue. All these signify energy purification and that healing has taken place.

Hands-on healing methods

Hands-on healing method in Reiki means placing your hands on somebody, object, or plants to transfer positive energy. The purification techniques allow the practitioner to transmit healing or cleansing energy through you using his or her hands. The method encourages physical, mental, and emotional healing to anyone receiving the energy.

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