New Standards RYS 200 Hour – how it will be in Rishikesh?

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New Standards RYS 200 Hour – how it will be in Rishikesh?

New Standards RYS 200 Hour since last week of june made each and every Yoga alliance accredited yoga school as well as current or future yoga teacher curious about how it will go futher and what to expect from these changes. The Yoga Alliance President and SEO Shanon Roche announced new changes in RYS and RYT certification.

Some of these changes will significantly influence on the teaching plan of yoga alliance accredited schools worldwide. Generally, there are some particular points which yoga alliance USA had changed to place their world recognized standard on new level of yoga teaching and education.

As a yoga institute from world capital of Yoga – Rishikesh, with more then 30 000 teaching hours in average per teacher and more then 45 000 Hours of education of leading teacher, we appreciate and respect the big and serious step of Yoga alliance, that definitely will increase the level of yoga education in different countries. As last standard was issued in 1999, its for sure the right time to re-evaluate and offer higher levels of yoga preparation in theory and practice.

Here we summarized shortly which updated to expect and what kind of  New Standards RYS 200 Hour consider innovative.

Important for all! The changes will start to appear since 1 February 2020 and will go forward according updating plan for 200 hrs RYS, 300 hrs RYS, 500 RYS and same in RYT group.

For 200 Hour RYS

  1. Each yoga alliance certified school will have to sign three main components of ethical commitment, that included code of conduct, scope of practice, equity in yoga since 1st of February 2020 according school application date.
  2. Thirteen educational categories will have to taught instead of previous categories. Asana, Pranayama and subtle body, meditation, physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, history, philosophy, ethics, teaching methodology, professional development, practicum (practice teaching) elective hours. In Vedansha Institute of Vedic science all these categories are covered  in current educational standard.
  3. Every school have to implement the test at the end of the course. School will consider the test self according internal rules. In Vedansha Institute of Vedic science since 2009 all students undergo theoretical test and practical teaching of own class.

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