Main Highlights Of 800 Hour IAYT Yoga Therapy Course

IAYT Yoga Therapy Course

Main Highlights Of 800 Hour IAYT Yoga Therapy Course 

IAYT Yoga Therapy Course . “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” This statement is still one of the greatest food and medical prescriptions offered over 2500 years ago that still works. For example, in the 800 Hours IAYT yoga teacher Training, the course is somehow set up on healthy nutrition. Even though there are other aspects of the course, the healthy nutrition aspect is essential. There are many benefits to this aspect, but what are its main highlights?

What are the Main Highlights of healthy nutrition in the 800 Hour IAYT Yoga Therapy course?

While there is a balance in the 800 Hour IAYT Yoga Teacher Training course, healthy nutrition is an essential part of the course. The course is set up on healthy nutrition and has its main highlights. Some of the highlights include:

Mindful eating

In nutrition therapy, mindful eating brings awareness to the present moment and reminds us to slow down and eat with our senses. Mindful eating helps build awareness, help us shift our internal environment, and discover our emotions, and how it affects our eating habit. The 800 Hour IAYT yoga therapy training course teaches you about mindful eating in healthy nutrition and much more.

A holistic approach based on the food we eat

800 Hour IAYT Yoga therapy training teaches you the holistic approach to nutrition therapy and wellness based on vitality and wellness principle according to the food we eat. It also teaches you how to tailor individualized therapeutic menus and meal plans using nutrients in whole foods.

Focus on diet

On a nutritional level and yoga therapy, the idea of knowing and taking herbs is the center of Ayurveda or healing system. The 800 Hour IAYT Yoga Therapy course aims to bring yoga & Ayurveda together to provide a much-needed approach to wellbeing and health. The course intention is to bring together teachers in yoga and Ayurveda spheres. Their work is to help students understand healthy nutrition and strengthen their ability to use yoga nutrition to cure health issues.

One of the most well-known approaches in the 800 Hour IAYT yoga therapy, healthy nutrition aspect is eating good fats. The healthy nutrition aspect focus on good fats like ghee, coconuts, and raw soaked seeds essential in fatty acids and omega-3. The program also focuses on food with fats that feed the nervous system, brain, and the skin for a healthy lifestyle.

Diet is part of the things you will learn in an 800 Hour IAYT Yoga Therapy course. You will learn how to be conscious about being healthy and how to place and nutritious diet according it an individual’s need.

Benefits of healthy nutrition in the 800 Hour IAYT Yoga therapy

Some of the benefits of healthy nutrition in course include knowing how to use yoga therapy nutrition for treating issues like:

  • Boost immunity
  • Improve heart health
  • Lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life
  • A healthy mind and body
  • Alleviate digestive ailments
  • Help you to listen to your body and how to fuel it with the food you eat

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of yoga, but when we balance all areas of our lives, we begin to see many benefits. In a healthy nutrition aspect of the 800 Hours IAYT yoga therapy course, you get to know more about eating a nutritious diet and nurturing best eating habits to nourish your deepest selves. It is only through these that you will learn and understand how to deal with different individuals and what you need to do when it comes to nutrition and treating health issues.

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