Learning Sequencing In 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training: What Is Included?

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Learning Sequencing In 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training: What Is Included?

Your teacher training courses allow you to deepen your yoga knowledge and expand your skills. The 200 Hour Yoga teacher training, for example, opens up an opportunity to grace and learn how to plan and achieve yoga sequencing for various reasons.  The training fully prepares you for an intelligent and creative yoga sequencing classes, giving you a better way of seeing diverse classes, and attending to different student intentions. So, what you learn about sequencing in 200 Hour yoga teacher training?

How to sequence a class

The mission of 200 Hour Yoga teacher training is to help everybody attending the classes excel in different ventures of the training. One venture that you need to excel in and learn how to prepare a sequence class and make it a piece of work. It is what you will learn in a 200 Hour YTT. You learn how to plan, prepare, and inspire your students. You will learn things like:

  • Planning and starting a sequencing move like Vinyasa yoga
  • Preparation: prepare all that is needed for the class to move smoothly both for you and for the students.
  • Centering: where you begin the sequence class. Whether it’s with a simple breathing exercise and meditation.
  • Warm-up: teach a few exercises like the groin or a hip opener for warming-up the body and prepare for a themed practice
  • Salutations: Teach your students on what salutations you will use.
  • Postures: you might use standing, reclining, or seated posture within a sequence, among other things.
Learn to design sequence for various problems

There are many different kinds of sequencing you will learn in your 200-hour YTT. Some of the things you will learn are how to sequined yoga move for various reasons and health issues like headaches, joint pains, menstruation, and much more. For example, yoga sequence for different kinds of headaches involves posture like child’s pose or Head-to-Knee pose. Also in might include downward-Facing Dog, Standing Forward Bend, and Reclining Bound Angle pose, among others. All this aims at making sure you are fully prepared for your students once you are ready to start a yoga practice.

Also, you will learn how to plan a yoga sequence class for relaxation and energizing. There are so many different yoga sequencing types you will learn in a 200 Hour Teacher Training course. The more you learn, you understand the postures and sequences, and how changing the order of a sequence can completely change the effect on your students

Learn different types of yoga sequences.

In yoga, there are many types of yoga sequencing that you need to learn and understand. Plus, you also need to know how and what these sequencing can help and how can perform them. 200 Hour Yoga teacher Training classes come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the sequencing types you will be learning in these classes are Viniyoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar sequencing, to name a few.

Learning the sequencing and who can perform them, makes you a better teacher in the future. Most of these sequences are linear. The posture follows each other in a step-by-step direction, which makes them less or more challenging as you continue.

A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training allows future yoga teacher and instructors to know and understand different yoga sequencing and how they can plan and apply them in their yoga practice. It prepares you and gives you the confidence and competence needed for a better yoga career. Rather than limiting students to specific tradition or yoga style, the sequencing training allows you to have the knowledge and skills for creativity and intelligence in the yoga industry.

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