Hands Reiki- What Should I Feel As A Master?

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Hands Reiki- What Should I Feel As A Master?

Reiki, whether you use your hands or meditate is a spiritual healing method that helps to dissolve energy blockages and aid in healing. The real aim of this spiritual treatment is to help one rediscover his or her enlightenment or true self by removing any presence of distraction. Most of the time, Reiki is a practice between a practitioner, also known as the healer and the recipient.

During a healing session, both the healer and the recipient experience some reactions or sensations. These sensations are always present, but sometimes they are not very pleasant. Some of the sensations a healer will experience are hands sensations. Hand sensations in Reiki are most common because healers often use their hands to treat their clients. What are these hand or Reiki sensation & What to do they signify and how can you respond to them?

What are hand sensations in Reiki?

As the energy from the healer flows to your body, the hand sensations maybe warmth, coldness, heat, steadfastness, forcefulness, and subtleness. The fact that they can feel these sensations means that they can feel the energy flow. It’s a verification that energy is being transferred from the healer and welcomed by the recipients.

What Reiki feels like for practitioners?

Reiki acts as a thermostat. It aims to regulate body energy. During a Reiki treatment session, the practitioner’s hands might heat up or sometimes get very cold. Other things a practitioner might feel include pins and needle tingling, electrical sparks, throbbing, itchiness, and vibrational buzzing. The sensation, especially the heat up sensation is as a result of energy flowing through the palms into someone else body.

Hot and cold hands

Mostly after Level 1 attunement, you may develop hot or cold hands. Experiencing hot hands is a sign that the attunement worked and there is a credible channel for Reiki. Also, it’s an indication that your treatment is genuine and you have been able to awaken Reiki. You are one a functioning Reiki conduit.

So when the energy is flowing, both the practitioner and the recipient might feel something.The practitioner feels sensations with their hands while the recipient might get dizzy, yawns, and even sleepy because the Reiki energy flow soothes and calms all the physical, mental, and emotional tension and stress.

Why the practitioner might not feel anything sometimes

People are different. They differ in terms of sensitivity. Everyone’s attunement experience is unique. Some are massively sensitive to the energy flow, while others are not. The sessions are a work-in-progress. Sometimes, the practitioner and the recipient need patience to achieve their goals.

Also, sometimes the sensations can be overlooked because they are very subtle. After a while, the practitioner will begin to notice slight energy shifts and finally feel the hands sensations. Fortunately, whether you feel it or not, Reiki works. If the practitioner has some difficulty feeling the hand sensations, they need to reduce or get rid of distractions.

Why the temperature variations

The burning hot or icy cold temperature variation on the Reiki practitioner’s hands depends on the recipient and the practitioners. Sometimes the practitioner might experience hot hands while the recipient comment on the coolness of their hands and vice versa. It all depends on the practitioner, the recipient, and the energy flow or Reiki channel between them.

Reiki is an effective traditional healing method used in modern days. The whole process embodies the precepts within one’s life.The hands-on healing system is the most common method of Reiki healing. During the session, the sensation might vary from burning hot to icy cold. All these signify a Reiki channel is formed and the healing is successful.

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