First Time in Rishikesh – What You Need To Know

first time in rishikesh

First Time in Rishikesh – What You Need To Know

First time in Rishikesh. Located in a yoga nation, India and situated on River Ganges banks, Rishikesh is a city for people who wants to experience distinct things in life. The city itself is known as the birthplace of yoga. Here you can find everything from yoga practices, Ayurveda, and other aspects of Hinduism. The city lures those looking to enhance their life through healthy living, yoga, and meeting like-minded people. The knowledge and peace in this area is as a result of its numerous ashrams, yoga institutes, and temples. Once you get there, here are something you need to know.

Yoga is a way of life

In Rishikesh, everything is about yoga. If you don’t have an idea about yoga, it is the best place where you can come, and learn about yoga. You will know everything about yoga, yoga styles, retreat, and benefits. The city remains a powerful place to visit, enjoy yoga, and unwind among ashrams and nature. A yoga session or retreat here is a life-changing experience.

There is a whole lot you can do

Rishikesh is a wonderful and delightful place. Once you set your foot here, you can go ahead and explore on your foot to use various means of transportation available. You can go to the two suspension bridges where you will have spectacular views of the rivers and the town, or you can relax on the back and enjoy your day. Adventure in this place is all about yoga, trekking, canoeing, and rafting. You can also visit different temples and gather knowledge about the city.

You can’t openly purchase or eat non-vegetarian food

Rishikesh is also about healthy living and eating. First time in Rishikesh. The diet, drinks, and everything you consume here is vegetarian. Though there are places you can get non-vegetarian foods and alcohol, you cannot purchase or eat them openly. They are strictly prohibited in the city due to the significance of the place.

Yoga and yoga ashrams are everywhere

Rishikesh is yoga’s birthplace. Almost everywhere you turn, there is an ashram or somebody doing yoga? The many ashrams account for numerous yoga styles and meditation. Hence, it’s advisable to try yoga. But first, you need to find the ashram and style that meets your needs.

It is a spiritual city

The other main focus of Rishikesh is that it is a sacred city. Expect to see many temples in the city. It has a spiritual, international feel. The city is sacred. People here believe that meditation practice here leads to salvation.

Ayurveda is popular in the area

Life in Rishikesh revolves around Ayurveda and Ayurveda herbs and practices. Here you will enjoy delicious, Ayurvedic healthy foods and drinks, massage and more. Those keen on getting professional Ayurveda treatment, there are Ayurveda centers that offer the best services.

Enjoy the festival

Are you interest in enjoying the Indian culture through festivals? Rishikesh is the place to be? Each year, the city holds a variety of festival, the common one being the International Yoga festival held in March. The festival is a week-long festival and one of the biggest in Dina. The festival program includes yoga classes, walks and evening discussions with spiritual leaders from all parts of India.

Not many people find the time and money to travel the world and enjoy what nature and people offer. If you are among the fortunate one, Rishikesh should be your place of choice. Its exceptional natural environment, healthy living, and beautiful people make the city lack among the top place to visit at some point In your life. Once you get here, enjoy all the adventure, yoga, and healthy living and eating that people here enjoy.

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