Chaturanga Dandasana – Key Pose in Weight Loss Yoga

Chaturanga Dandasana – Key Pose in Weight Loss Yoga

Chaturanga dandasana weight loss yoga. Does Chaturanga dandasana help in weight loss? Absolutely. Yoga is a safe and effective way to shed excessive weight. One pose that you can use if the Chaturanga dandasana pose. Also known as the Low plank, the asana in modern yoga in mostly included in the sequence of poses known as the sun salutations when practicing yoga. In English translation, the name four-lived staff poses is used, and sometimes you will hear people using other names like a low push-up.

What is Chaturanga dandasana?

Chaturanga dandasana is an excellent yoga pose for yoga practitioners, especially yoga beginners who are looking to lose weight, tone muscles, increase balance and strength, and improve posture. In some cases, the Four-limbed staff poses go hand in hand with the Adho Mukha Savasana or downward facing dog to further helps in improving posture and toning muscles after weight loss.

How to do the Chaturanga dandasana

Start with the plank pose and from there alight both your shoulders slightly ahead of the wrist, which should be flat on the floor. Press the soles of both your feet back. By now your arms should be straight and your body perpendicular to the ground under it. Your wrist should be under your shoulders. All the time you are getting into this pose, try as much as you can to inhale and exhale.

Why is Chaturanga dandasana the key to weight loss?

There are many reasons why four-limb staff is the key to weight loss. The main reason starts with some of its benefits, which include:

  • Strengthening your grip, hands or arms
  • Deepen body alignment awareness through the midline and the arms
  • A well aligned Chaturanga dandasana weight loss yoga helps calm and strengthen your whole body and improves your stability.

Other reasons why Chaturanga dandasana is best for weight loss to include:

Help keep your core intact:staying off the ground using only your arms and toes as support helps to keep your essence as intact as possible.

Tones your arms and thighs:the best influence of low plank pose is on the arms and thighs. If you can tone your arms and thighs using one practice, it becomes easier for you to tone the other parts of your body. Chaturanga dandasana weight loss tone these parts.

Stabilizes your body:what makes this pose better for weight loss is the fact that it stabilizes every part of your body. Regular practice means your body will be stable, more efficient, and lead to weight loss.

Elongates your spine: Sometimes because of our posture, we might find it very hard to shed extra weight. When the spend is elongated, it becomes easier to see what you are dealing with and inspires you to move a step further and tone other parts of your body.

Enhances your power of endurance: There is nothing that you need more when trying to lose weight than endurance. Weight loss does not happen in a day or two. And the body needs endurance through all the exercise to finally see the results. Chaturanga dandasana helps build and enhance your endurance.

Tone your mid-section: We all know that mostly we tend to accumulate weight on our midline, including the belly.  Chaturanga dandasana focuses on the midline and help shed extra weight.

Despite Chaturanga dandasana being the key to weight loss, one thing you need to know is that when not done properly, it can lead to an injury. Since the body weight rests on your toes and arms, it’s always good to get the help of a qualified yoga instructor before trying it yourself. However, one thing is clear, the benefits are many, and the experiences are beautiful.

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