Asana Alternatives in Yoga Therapy

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Asana Alternatives in Yoga Therapy

When it comes to yoga therapy, maybe what comes to your mind is various asanas like the Triangle pose, cobra pose. Indeed, asanas are important aspects of yoga therapy. The powerful tools are used to improve flexibility, balance, and strength, help to reduce stress and depressions, and enhance your focus. However, did you know there are other alternatives to yoga asanas when it comes to yoga therapy?

Integrative yoga therapy or yoga therapy in general includes a variety of yoga disciplines, asanas and other disciplines that may include exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes. These disciplines offer alternative for yoga asanas that most teachers and therapists are most likely to use. In the case where an individual can do asanas in a yoga therapy class, some of the alternatives that a therapist might use may include:


Also known as an altered state of focus and consciousness, meditation is a form of relaxation technique that most yoga therapists use in a yoga therapy session. Scientists have proved that meditation has healing potential and positive effects on depression or anxiety. While meditation allows your body to relax, it also helps clear your mind.


Massages promote relaxation of the body, mind, and soul. It decreases tension and stress to your nerves and body organs. As an alternative to yoga asanas, massage can be used to treat depression, chronic pain, injuries, and reduce anxiety. Massage release dopamine and serotonin and decrease cortisol, which makes it a better therapy tool to lessen pain, improve symptoms of depression, and improve sleep.


Almost all yoga asanas emphasize on some breathing degree. However, pranayama practice can act as an alternative to yoga asana. It’s a therapy tool that emphasizes on your breathing.

Guided imagery and visualization

Guided imagery is a form of therapy technique that helps create harmony between your body and mind. Guided imagery helps you to create calm, peaceful imagery, and help you visualize as a form of mental escape. This powerful psychological tool enhances a person’s coping skills and helps them overcome, anger, stress, and insomnia, among other health issues.


Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that involves removing negative energy and bringing about positive energy. In yoga therapy, Reiki can help people suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. The technique can be used to heal yourself, others around you and those far from you. You can even treat objects and spaces.

Ayurveda and herbal remedies

Ayurveda is an alternative to yoga asanas. Some of the most used Ayurveda techniques include herbal remedies, Ayurveda massage, and diet, among other things.

In therapy, Ayurveda massage therapy is a healing therapy with lots of benefits. It benefits our nervous system, supports your digestive system and immune systems, and helps in healing many diseases. Other forms of Ayurveda and herbal remedies act as a complementary alternative to yoga asanas.


Chanting is another alternative therapy tool that can be used instead of yoga postures. For those who suffer from depression and anxiety, chanting if a better form of therapy for them, partly because it involves relaxing the nervous system.Chanting is pious in nature.

Other yogic tools

There are other more alternative to yoga asanas. These other alternatives include acupuncture, hypnosis, aromatherapy, and reflexology. The alternative encompasses a variety of disciplines from exercise, diet, and even herbal remedies.

Yoga asanas have been used in years as tools in yoga therapy. But as time goes by, other options are used when asanas don’t offer effective results or in cases where one can’t do the yoga asanas. After all, the alternatives facilitate a whole new level of experience and outstanding results.

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