Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy India

Yoga Therapy India

Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy India

Yoga therapy is a practice that helps achieve overall well-being. Therapists use asanas and other yoga practices like meditation for a variety of ailments. Ardha Chandrasana or half-moon pose has a significance in yoga therapy and yogic history in general. In Yoga Therapy India, it is one of the most used postures for improving balance, stability, and overall health. Similar to Trikonasana or Triangle pose, Ardha Chandrasana offers the practitioners the strength and length of all limbs to allow your body to balance better.

Health benefits of Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy

The benefits of Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy India are divided into three. The pose has physical benefits that help in removing stiffness in your muscles, lower back and tone your sacroiliac area. The energetic benefit includes increasing your strength and stability. Mental benefits include relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Here are some of the benefits in details.

Ameliorates your body balance

Proper body balance is essential. In half-moon pose, balance is also essential. The whole principle is about balancing your body, which makes it a perfect source for body steadiness. It protects you from further cell damage, injury, and wounds.

Improve digestion

Our hectic lifestyle makes it even harder for us to eat a balanced diet. We don’t even have the time to cook a proper meal or live a healthy life which interferes with digestion. To improve your digestion, yoga therapist can use half-moon pose to impact and improve your digestive system. Ardha Chandrasana provokes your digestive system and helps relief acidity and every form of indigestion.

Improve power coordination throughout your body

Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy India influences your body-coordinating abilities, including your mind. It helps to improve your ability to make decisions and act. If you are experiencing power struggle and power coordination due to physical, mental, or emotional conditions, half-moon pose can help.

Provide relief from depression, stress, and anxiety

Half-moon pose in yoga therapy is an exceptional pose when it comes to relieving stress and helping you deal with anxiety and depressions. The pose regulates your blood circulation, providing oxygen and fresh blood to your brain.

Strengthen your overall body muscles

Most people seek the help of a therapist when they feel some stiffness, lack of balance, and instability. As humans, we need lots of physical bodies and working body muscles to hold the body together. The pose allows you to exercise your overall body muscles. It tones them and makes sure they work.

Tips for beginners

For those who are trying Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy for the first time, there is something you need to consider. Applying these simple principles will allow for a more stable, light, and successful half-moon pose practice. Some of the principles include

  • Always take into consideration your balance, strength, and flexibility
  • Remember to take into consideration what you don’t see as every yoga poise has it Drishti
  • Make sure your weight on your standing leg.
  • Still the chattering mind and be more aware of the present moment and what you are doing.
  • Have fun. Yoga is all about fun, and so is yoga therapy.

Experiment with your body and see what you can do to make your session fun.

Contraindications of Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy

Everything has its contraindications. When it comes to Ardha Chandrasana in Yoga Therapy India, some of it contraindications depends on whether the practitioner is physically fit or not. For example, those with a hamstring tear or knee injury should approach the posture with awareness. Also the elderly of people prone to back, leg, and neck injuries should be extra cautious when doing the pose.

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