Acupuncture In Yoga Therapy: Is This Possible?

Acupuncture in Yoga Therapy

Acupuncture in Yoga Therapy. Yoga and acupuncture are both holistic therapy methods proven effective for a thousand of years. Research and scholarly development from all over the world have found both to be among the best alternatives to modern treatments and medication. Many things show the two have profound to help you regain your health, but they also differ from one aspect to others. For instance, while yoga includes asana and techniques, acupuncture involves removing blockages or any disturbance of your body energy by applying pressure to certain parts of the body. So, how these two practices go together?

They both have a deep history

Acupuncture in Yoga Therapy plays important Acupuncture and yoga are similar. Their roots grow deep to many centuries again. Both healing practices maintain a special origin link. Both lead to a heightened awareness of your mental, physical, and emotional state. At the core, they both can be practiced in a studio, at home, work, and anyway you want even in the park. The aim, to remove your energy blocks, create balance, and help with fluid energy flow.

They both remove energy blockages

In yoga, life force (Prana) or (energy) is used to help remove any blockages you might experience. The use of breathing, movements, mantras, and meditation help move the energy all through your body to nourish you. Sometimes yoga postures are mixed to create an intense yoga sequence. You might also include items like pillows and floor mats to make sure you are comfortable.

As for acupuncture, the idea of moving energy lies in the use of needle insertion in specified body sites. These methods help move energy to a different part of your body to aid in relieving pain and treating various illnesses. Both methods rely on moving energy to remove energy blockages and help you regain your health.

Some people misunderstand them

Not everyone understands how yoga and acupuncture work. They misunderstand them, and others brush them aside as hoax form of treatment. Others also don’t know the difference between the two, so they end up not knowing what to do. Yoga is about posture and meditation, while acupuncture is about needles. But they are both much more than asana and needles.

The word yoga means connection or union. It integrates your body with your soul, mind, and breath. The practice may include long walks and lying on a mat in your home or an ashram. As for acupuncture, it is not only about the pins, acupuncturists include cupping, herbs, moxa, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), and much more, to bring you relief.

How they both work together

Acupuncture in Yoga Therapy. According to Wikipedia, “Acupuncture is generally only used in combination with other forms of treatment.” For example, some people use acupuncture in conjunction with conventional therapy, including yoga therapy. It is evident enough that acupuncture and yoga can go hand in hand.

In yoga, by moving the body mindfully and focusing on gentle, deep breathing, you will start experiencing energy moving through your body. Once you finish your yoga sessions, you can go for distal acupuncture. An acupuncturist inserts needles in your face, head, hands, and feet as you rest and let it done its work. The form of acupressure given depends mostly on the focus of your yoga class. You will feel well-connected and grounded after the sessions.

There are many forms of including acupressure in your daily yoga sessions. Scientific evidence suggests that some yoga practices and acupuncture body approaches may help you manage the side effects of modern treatments, including cancer. Once your yoga instructor finished with asana, acupuncturists move in your help move or nourish your life energy and send it exactly where it should be.

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