Book Yoga Therapy

100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

Who we are

About Bookyogatherapy. Yoga therapy become more and more popular worldwide. Taking place between physiotherapy and fitness it’s oriented on supportive treatment by different diseases.

The usual group yoga class in fitness or yoga studio has mostly the prophylactic purpose of wellness or being fit, but not focused on individual body and soul requirements.

That’s way yoga therapy in form of retreat in small group is a perfect support to chronic disease or in postoperative phase. Yoga Therapy teacher training course gives exact knowledge in theory and practice how to use known tools  asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, yoga philosophy, vedic astrology, vastu shastra by concrete person with particular health issue. 

Being a part of Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science and alternative medicine we are keeping quality of our educational and retreat programs. All our teaching staff and therapists attending regularly the educational workshops, seminars as well as performing regular practice in Himalayan Mountains. We are the first education place in Rishikesh India member of IAYT (international association of yoga therapy).

We are also conducting variety of yoga alliance yoga teacher training courses. For more information about Vedansha Institute and about bookyogatherapy see here

100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

What we teach?

Our founder Dr Sanjeev Pandey believes that knowledge can be shared from Guru to student if he or she is hungry for it. As much more interest you have as much more information, practical and theoretical knowledge you can receive. We give even more then mentioned, but only if student shows his or her motivation.

100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

What we treat?

Yoga therapy programs have aim to improve different health issues from simple back or head pain till addictions and cancer. Your quality of life improvement is our priority and not a treatment of disease symptoms. 

100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

Why you should choose us?

1. Our teachers convey and share the knowledge of traditional Himalayan, Tibetan yoga and different healing methods.

All teachers besides teaching activity daily perform own yoga rituals, ceremonies for self-practice, growth and balance. All teachers were growing in spiritual families, where yogic lifestyle is a part of their daily routine and not only work.

All teachers are certified yoga instructors PhD, Acharya’s, Yoga alliance and IAYT approved.

2. Clear study plan and materials.

We are strictly following the educational standard of IAYT, Yoga Alliance and own research-based evident knowledge in order to develop systematic thinking of student and help to develop him or herself as a yoga therapist. We are not teaching asana or only pranayama, we are sharing a concept of yoga therapy approach that gives our student or client get benefit from it.

3. Location in spiritual place.

Ashram in Rishikesh considered as spiritual laboratory for self-development and advanced master practice. Since many hundred years the reading of prayers (mantra), asana, pranayama, meditation continuously performed there, you can feel special calm, balanced and very pure energy that helps to restore your own energy and brings desired effect from the practice.

4. Special Menu

“We are what we eat” – this is a credo or yoga lifestyle. Special vegetarian and vegan menu offered to our clients for balancing, purification and healing purpose.

5. We are conducting research projects in yoga in order to prove its effect.

Variety research work is going on in Vedansha Institute that helps us to analyze and integrate some of our ideas practically.

6. Absolute transparency with client.

We are providing all necessary information about exact price, transfer, visa, classes, excursions, meal, weather, urgent help etc. We are always on line!

Would you like to join our program?

To secure your place in our course we request to fill our the form above or do contact us directly on our email.