8 Reasons Why Pranayama Is Important For Reiki

Pranayama Is Important For Reikirishikesh india

8 Reasons Why Pranayama Is Important For Reiki

One of the most well-known components of yoga is pranayama, breathing exercise. Pranayama comes from the Sanskrit word Prana meaning, breath, life-force, vigor, energy, and spirit. It is a yoga technique that entails a collection of Indian breathing exercises. The exercises include the art of experimenting with retentions of breath, inhalations, and exhalations to create energy, balance, and relaxation. When it comes to reiki, pranayama can help channel reiki, among other things. Here is why pranayama is beneficial when included in Reiki practice includes:

Aligns your subtle body

Most of the time, when you breathe deeply, the effect if the technique is aligning your body. Pranayama works your breath, reorganizes your subtle body, and help balance your body. It also balances your nadis and energy, which will result in a stronger body and auric field.

Increases awareness

One way we learn about what happens to us and our body is through taking deep breathes. Through pranayama, we get to observe your breath, learn about your true self, and discover your infinite potential. On the other hand, reiki helps alight your spirit, body, and mind. When pranayama and reiki are done together, they help you tap and reach into your higher self.

Release resistance

Reiki is about healing yourself and healing others, among other things. Pranayama, on the other hand, releases body resistance. Over time, both Reiki and Pranayama can help create awareness, release all resistance on your body, and create more life-force energy.

Expands intuition

Pranayama balances the brain hemisphere, which in turn balances your analytical and logical mind and help you step into an intuitive side. The exercises also help to relax your mind and expand your intuition, which is needed before a Reiki session. The state of relaxation yet being alert means you can hear yourself and help reach your goals when it comes to practicing Reiki.

Oxygenates your cells

If you want to be more receptive to Prana and reiki, you need to be well prepared. To be prepared, you need more oxygen directed to your body, body cells, and organs. Pranayama conducts oxygen to different parts of the body. The more oxygenated you are, the more receptive you are to reiki and pranayama.

Tones your system

As much as we would like to heal through Reiki, sometimes we need to tone our system, especially the nervous system to increase blood flow to your endocrine glands and the brain. Is also activates your parasympathetic nervous system and help in relaxing your whole nervous system preparing yours for your Reiki session.

Remind you that you are an observer

Pranayama techniques allow you to witness the ego, vrttis, and become the observer of your mind. It also helps you to be a reiki witness and remind you that you are a channel for the Reiki energy. You don’t have to control the healing or create the healing just like you can’t control the ego or the vrttis.

Grounds you

When talking about pranayama, different types of pranayama can help achieve different results. For example, Ujjayi pranayama is a kind of technology that helps you return to your present and ground you. It is one pranayama technique that you can utilize during Reiki sessions.

Pranayama and Reiki are some ancient techniques that help to heal the body, spirit, life energy, and makes you a better person. Ujjayi pranayama, kapalabhati, and other types of pranayama can be used together with Reiki to help you reach the highest self. Do you practice Reiki more regularly? Incorporating different pranayama techniques can help prepare you before, during, and after the sessions and increase its benefits.


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