8 Career Options for Yoga Teacher after 500 RYT

Yoga Teacher Training

8 Career Options for Yoga Teacher after 500 RYT

Finishing a yoga teacher training and meeting the training and teaching experience put in place by Yoga Alliance and becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) is a great achievement for new yoga teachers. However, some of them feel lost and overwhelmed before they even finish and registering with the Yoga Alliance. So, after getting your 500 RYT, what next? That’s the question. If this question is lingering in your mind, learn a different way to diversify your income after your 500 RYT certification.

Become a freelance writer or a podcast about yoga

Most of you might not know it yet, but many people visit yoga websites to get some insight into yoga. Yoga publications and website owners are willing to pay those with knowledge and insight about yoga. If you have your website, it better. You can market yourself, podcast, and earn extra cash as you check other career venture in yoga. It is also a way of advertising yourself.

Offer private lessons

Do you want to increase your income and jam start your yoga career, what a better way of doing it that a one on one private yoga lessons? Here you get the benefits of setting you’re working hours and pricing structure. You can offer private lesson even via Skype. With 500 Hour YTT skills and experience

Teach in colleges, hospitals, and yoga ashrams

There are colleges, universities, and hospitals that hire only certified yoga teachers to offer yoga classes to patients or students. Usually, these colleges and universities pay well. Hospitals, elderly centers, and even people with disabilities centers hire yoga teachers to make sure their patients get the best active life possible. With a 500 RYT certificate, you qualify for these jobs.

Create an online course

Most yoga teachers with online course earn millions of dollars each year. Consider turning your Yoga Teacher Training skills and knowledge into a useful online course. The opportunities are endless. You can create a course about yoga sequencing, intro to yoga, and launching a successful yoga retreat, among others.

Run a local yoga retreat

The perfect opportunity to start your yoga career after the 500 Hour YTT is to start a local retreat. A retreat requires less planning, it’s less risky and potentially profitable. Come up with something creative, and you will enjoy the benefits.

Manage a wellness program

Corporates are starting wellness programs for their employees. The demand for a qualified and certified yoga teacher to managing these programs is ever increasing. There is a big chance that you will make it big in this industry and earn a steady income. You can manage a wellness program and teach yoga classes to staff on overtime bases.

Become a life coach or consultant

Do you have good listening skills on top of your 500 RYT certification? Maybe it’s time you think of exercising in life coaching and consulting. You can become a yoga business consultant or coach, nutrition coach, or health coach. It is a way of giving back to society. By helping other yoga teachers find their roots in the yoga industry, it is the best you can do as a qualified yoga teacher yourself.

We all get tired, sick, frustrated, and sometimes fatigued. We need someone to help us whether online, one on one or through, and wellness program or a retreat. All these are opportunities a registered 500 RYT yoga teacher should embrace. Instead of waiting to start your studio, starting with a blog, planning a retreat, or working in colleges or ashrams is a great way to start. Slowly you can move up and become an icon in the industry.

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