7 Simple Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain

As you stand from your chair, your back suddenly feels tight, sometimes accompanied by cramping pain and spasms. Sometimes the pain worsens, making movements such as walking or reaching down for or up for something impossible. Do the above sentences tell your daily life struggles with your back tightness and pain? Does that mean you don’t do anything about it?

Try these seven simple yoga for back pain exercises to ease your back pain.

Child Pose, Balasana

Child pose is the best pose for grounding and lengthening your spine. In yoga for back pain in Rishikesh, the pose is used to bring awareness to your body’s midline and provide gentle on your spine. But the best achievement is stretching and strengthening your back muscles. You can start by using a block and pressing your palms on the block and then proceed to move the block aside for higher benefits.

Cobra Pose

If you think the pain in your back is due to sitting for long hours and poor posture, cobra pose can help. Lie face down on your floor with your forehead resting on the floor. With both your palms on either side, press as you lift your upper body. Don’t forget to press the tops of your feet into the floor. Gently take deep breaths for 5 to 10 minutes before releasing to the floor and repeating the pose.

In yoga for back pain in Rishikesh, this pose relaxes and stretches your lower back muscles, easing your back pain in the process. It also decreases lower back stiffness, strengthens, and lengthens your spine and increases flexibility.

Seated Forward Fold

Seated forward fold is for lengthening your spine and relieving lower back pain. Sit on the floor and gently try to grab your big toes with both hands. Hold for a few seconds, release, and try again. The more poses you do, the better you will feel.

Yoga for Back Pain in Rishikesh

The Supine Twist

In yoga for back pain, this twist stretches and realigns your spine and back muscles. The pose is worth considering for those who battle with lower back pain, and those who sit all day at work. Lie on your back facing the ceiling, bring your arms to your side, bend the right knee, and try placing your right foot on the left one. After a few minutes, change sides this round bending your left knee, and put it on your left foot on the right foot. Make sure your waist moves with your foot as you place on the other foot.

Bridge Pose

Dynamic bridge poses in yoga for back pain in Rishikesh is an effective pose that loosens back muscles and eases tension in your back. It is one of the best poses for lumbar disorder internalization and treatment. Start by resting your spine on the flow, lift your buttocks while pressing your fit and shoulder on the floor, hold for a few minutes, and release. Supported variations might include placing two blocks on your middle height to support your pelvis. Your arms should rest on your sides. This pose improves posture and flexibility and protects the health of your spine.

Cow-Cat Pose

Get down onto all your fours, with your knees directly below your hips. Your wrist and shoulder should be in line with the floor and your head in a neutral position, in this position, sink your stomach to the floor as you lift your head upwards and Vice Versa.  This way, you will stretch and strengthen your back.

Happy Baby Pose

One of the poses loved in yoga for back pain is the happy baby pose.  With your knees to your armpit, try grabbing the outside of your feet with your hands. Flatten your spine as much as you can. The pose eases back pain caused by tight hips.

Pain and tightness accompanied by cramping and spasms often make your back tense, stiff, and contracted. The pain may lead to more problems like tight feelings in your legs, hips, or pelvis. Back pain may be due to over-strenuous lifting, and sometimes it might be due to sitting for long hours or lack of exercise.No matter the cause, yoga for the back is a less overwhelming treatment option for back pain.

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