6 Things No One Ever Tells You about Yoga Teacher Training 


Yoga, in general, is becoming a big business. The road appears to be rosy for yoga practitioners. Hot yoga, Iyengar, Hatha, Bikram, and Vinyasa yoga are now becoming more popular. However, one yoga practice is gaining popularity more than others. Yoga Therapy. The technique is unique now more than it was ten years ago. However, to become a yoga therapist, you need to attend a yoga therapy teacher training.

Yoga teacher training is the first step to becoming a qualified and certified yoga practitioner, teacher, therapist, and instructor. But no matter the research you do, how much time you watch YouTube, and even practicing at home. There are things no one will ever tell you. Here are some of the things no one ever tells you about yoga teacher training.

Your life will change

After you start your YTT program, things will start to change. The training forces you to look at things differently. Your relationship, job, or even a habit will shift, which might affect your current life. Also, you will hear things you’ve never believed in or even heard if in the first place. Before you know it, you will let go of situations and things from your life. The self, realization journey will continue even after you go back home.

It will be emotional

Do you cry sometimes? How often do you cry or get emoti0onal? In yoga teacher training, crying is a norm. Along with the asana, stillness, and Shanti, tears will spill. Somewhere between meditation and pranayama, fears and tears will come. The intense nature of YTT leads to a lot of hopes and dreams. But you must first deal with worries, fears, and insecurities. They all come bubbling to the surface.

It is not always about yoga practices

You might wonder how it feels to spend a few months doing yoga asanas, meditation, and pranayama, among other yoga practices. But the truth is yoga teacher training is not always about yoga practices. For example, in yoga therapy teacher training, you are likely to study books, connect with others, try Ayurveda practices like diet and massage, and even write essays. All this helps in creating a life-changing experience for you.


You will always be unprepared

No matter how hard you prepare yourself, especially for yoga therapy teacher training, it will not be smooth sailing. No one does. Daily yoga practices, kriyas, and meditation will open your body, mind, and soul in ways you won’t anticipate. Under severe pressure, you will become a better yoga therapist, teacher, or instructor in the future.

After a few days of having gone deep into your internal resources, and you start feeling mentally, spiritually, and physically tired. You will want to run away. Yoga teacher training teaches you how to face your fears and self-doubt. And sometimes, it’s too much to handle and think that quitting is the answer.

Your body, mind, and soul will be pushed to the limit

If you think yoga is easy, try going for a Yoga therapy teacher training. Here, you will be pushed to the limits. Daily yoga asanas will break and humble you all at once. Your body will hurt, you will get tired, and fell shakiness sometimes. Meditation and other practice will interfere with your mind and soul before it makes you strong. Embrace everything, it’s the beginning of a new you.

At some point, you will want to quit

Every successful yoga therapy you see out there has gone through these things in yoga therapy teacher training. Pother successful yogis have also experienced them in YTT. But to find that new you, it’s worth the pain, emotions, tears and some time, a little thought about quitting.

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