5 Ways to Balance Reiki Energy of a Healer 

5 Ways to Balance Reiki Energy of a Healer 

Daily life stressors such as toxic relationships, friends, work, and other things can lead to energy imbalances in different ways. Energy imbalances often show up as mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms which directly correlate the energy centers of your body. Reiki healers work to reconnect your energy centers and address the imbalances you might be experiencing. Being a therapy that often describes hands-on-healing or palm healing, Reiki healers work is to use this therapy method to balance your energy. But how can you balance the Reiki energy of your healer? Here are five ways you can do so.

Choose the right colors

Colors represent specific vibrations, for example, when it comes to chakras, yellow represents the plexus chakra, red represents root chakra, green or pink represents heart chakra, and blue, the throat chakras. When your Reiki healer is trying to balance your energy, you can help in the process by wearing the right colors. This way, you are also balancing the energy of your Reiki healer during the healing process.

Practice visualization

Creative visualization helps to clear your mind from any negative chatter and aid in balancing your Reiki healer energy. When your mind is clear, you get a clear picture of what your healer is doing. The clear picture or images represent love and happiness and open your chakras and aids in balancing your Reiki healer energy.

For instance, visualizing about a heart blessing of your chakras or flower opening during a Reiki session can help in balancing Reiki energy throughout the room. Visualization is a perfect tool for balancing Reiki energy.

Practice gratitude

Being in a gratitude state during Reiki healing session n instantly raises your energy vibration frequency and that of your healer. Once your vibration is high, your chakras own and attract positive things in life, such as peace, happiness, and abundance. The vibrational frequency also helps in balancing your healer energy and manifest more success.

Breathe deeply

Breathing is an effective way of balancing your Reiki energy and that of your healer. Deep breaths bring your chakras into a natural, harmonious balance. Each time you inhale deeply, you direct energy to the various chakras in your body. Exhale allows for awareness.

When it comes to balancing your healer energy, deep breaths help. The way you inhale and exhale during a Reiki session will dictate how the healing works, how much energy you receive, and how you balance the energy between you and your healer.

Spend some quality time in nature

Nature has a way of making things right. It also has a way of reconnected your energy and aids in balancing and healing. For instance, walking barefoot is an excellent way to absorb healing energy from nature and feel more connected. However, you don’t need to walk barefoot to balance your healer energy.

Adding a few plants or flowers in the Reiki session room has a positive impact. It does not only make receiving Reiki energy more pleasant, but also aids in balancing Reiki energy across the room and between everyone participating in the session, including you and the Reiki healer.

Do you know how to balance Reiki energy during a session?  The topic of balancing Reiki energy from your healer is a vital one and popular among the Reiki community. The process might seem the same as that of aligning your energy points, but knowing them as equally important. Through various Reiki processes, you can balance your Reiki healer energy for the effective energy healing process.It allows you to balance the energy, while at the same time overcome everyday life challenges with ease.

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