5 Main Yoga Styles in 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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5 Main Yoga Styles in 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Choosing where to attend the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh need you to consider things like where the ashram is, the kind of practice they offer, and for how long. However, the most essential things you need to consider is the types of yoga styles they offer in these ashrams. Not all ashrams offer the same types of yoga styles in the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher training course, but most of them offer training in more yoga styles. Here are some of the yoga styles you will enjoy in a 300 Hour Teacher Training course in Rishikesh

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is one of the Yoga styles offered in Rishikesh in a 300 Hour YTT. Your Hatha Yoga classes are usually paced slower than other yoga styles. They have a classic approach to exercises, which includes breathing exercises. If you want to improve your knowledge in yoga, this is one that will help you. The terms Hatha refers to an umbrella of physical postures of yoga. Hatha yoga in 300 Hour YTT goes even deeper into new specialties and give the student opportunities to explore their interest deeper.

Therapeutic yoga styles

The 300 Hour YTT in some ashrams in Rishikesh focus is helping you know and use yoga postures for therapeutic purposes. Some of the yoga styles you will learn for therapeutic approaches include yoga Nidra. The purpose of the classes is to help all to use therapeutic approaches for healing using yoga styles.

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is defined as an Eight Limb path that involves a physically demanding sequence of postures.  To start with, you need to learn sun salutations As and Bs before moving on to a series of floor and standing postures. In Rishikesh, you will be expected to know the series before completing your 300 Hour YTT.

Vinyasa yoga

Even though you get to learn about Vinyasa yoga in the 200 Hour YTT, it is possible to learn even more about it in the 300 Hour YTT. Vinyasa yoga style varies differently depending on the teacher and the program they use. Some have programs based on the Vinyasa yoga posture and might choreograph to create new styles as the class progress. Others may stick to the same flow throughout the session.

Pranayama meditation

Pranayama meditation in 300 Hour YTT is a yoga style that mostly focuses on breathing and concentration. Pranayama helps you cultivate your breathing ability and refine awareness of Prana flow. Some of the techniques you will learn might include:

  • How to relax and reset with pranayama
  • Best pranayama for your Dosha
  • Poses to prepare for pranayama
  • Understanding how to exhale and inhale during pranayama.
Reasons for learning different yoga styles in Rishikesh

There are many reasons why you should choose to enroll in a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Aside from learning a variety of yoga styles, including the multi-style Hatha, Ashanti, and Vinyasa yoga styles, you will also get deeper into the vast riches of yoga traditions of the Rishikesh Yogic philosophy. The advanced course also focuses on integrating and supporting the foundation of different yoga styles by helping you learn the important elements of these styles.

There are a variety of techniques and yoga styles that you can learn in a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Keep in mind that every ashram and teacher has different y0oga styles and schedules for their training course. Given the many benefits that come with attending and completing the course, committing yourself to try and learning all the style available is the best way to go.

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