4 Differences between Reiki and Pranic Healing

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4 Differences between Reiki and Pranic Healing

Reiki and Pranic Healing.Every human being has a healing capacity that allows them to clear off all sorts of hindrances from their bodies and mind. The basic principle of this self-healing capacity lies in the spirituality and the aura of thebody. You might have heard of Pranic healing and Reiki. These are simple self-healing, holistic practices and implemented by various people around the world. Both healing procedures have some similarities, but they also have their differences. In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between Reiki and Pranic healing. However, let’s start with some similarities to understand the difference.

The similarities

Reiki and Pranic healing have some similarities, including the healing technique. The healing process of both healings involves the energy field of an individual (the Aura), the energy surrounding the body. Also, it doesn’t require any physical contact with another person for both healing methods and both methods can help rectify energy imbalances or blockages.

The differences

The intent of healing yourself using Reiki or Pranic healing has other difference that you need to know. This quick and easy to understand article will help you understand the difference in both models. Here are some of the differences.

Healing methodology

Pranic healing: Pranic healing is a healing methodology that includes the use of free-floating energy directly from the ground, air, sun, and other sources to their aura. It is able to activate the body chakras and carry forward a healing process.

Reiki: Reiki healing involves using various attunement levels learned from their master. The also use initiated symbols to access their healing energies. It is a way of turning any negative energy into positive energy.

The energy flow procedure

Pranic healing: Pranic healing involve aware of the energy centers of your body and use these centers (chakras) to cleanse your energy and stabilize them. The procedure help cures different ailments and diseases physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Reiki: when it comes to Reiki, there is free energy flow. The energy is undirected, is made in the body and requires more focus on clearing energy blockages in your aura.

Healing process

Pranic healing: the healing process ‘is a complete non-touch system of healing.’ Meaning, there is no physical touch involved in the healing process.

Reiki: Reiki involves both non-touch and touches procedures. A Reiki practitioner has touch and non-touch techniques.You can touch the body and also do distant healing where physical touch is not involved.

Side effects

Pranic healing: the side effectsof Pranic healing are similar to those of Reiki because both healing methods involve spiritual healing. They both have no side effects. However, in Pranic healing have very specific guidelines. The guidelines result in chakra healing and energy transformation.

Reiki: Reiki has no specific guideline, but has some that you also need to follow for optimal results. For both healing procedures, you need to follow them to avoid serious effects on your overall energy.

Other differences between the two involve other things like color energy used in Pranic healing and the energetic hygiene involved. Skills Reiki and Pranic healing practitioners both agree that the energy hygiene involved in Pranic healing is the most beneficial factor of the healing method.

While there are other similarities and differences not mentioned in this article, the act of self-healing on both Reiki and Pranic attack helps most people. The experience of accessing your healing energies to help yourself and those that you love has been in use for years and will be in use for years to come. If you need a great result, you need skills and practice and both healing methods.

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