10 Main Practices or Poses of Yoga for Beginners 


10 Main Practices or Poses of Yoga for Beginners 

For some reasons, most people are turning to yoga as a way to keep fit, shed extra weight, and maintain their mental and emotional health. Yoga fanatics have known these benefits and are using various yoga poses for various reasons in their lives. However, beginners have a mountain to climb. With different yoga poses from simple, to difficult knowing the essential one to master is the best way out. Here are ten essential yoga poses for beginners

Mountain pose (tadasana)

The mountain pose is where you stand with steadiness like a mountain. Put your feet together while pressing your toes to press them open. Lift your ankles and start inhaling. Elongate your torso and exhale and you release your shoulder. Do all these as you balance your body weight on your feet.

Downward facing dog

Stretch your chest, hamstrings and lengthen your spine using this pose. Start by sitting on your heels, stretch your arms forward, and lower your head on the mat. Push your arms forward slowly raising your hips and strengthening your legs.


Triangle pose

The triangle pose or Trikonasana helps to stretch your torso or legs, promotes deep breathing and mobilizes your hips. The pose also ensures you enjoy deep breaths and goes a long way to rejuvenate your body.

Boat Pose

Naukasana or boat pose in meant for those planning to strengthen their shoulders, upper back, and abdominal muscles. The pose leaves you with a sense of stability and strengthens your muscles.

Chair Pose

For beginners, the chair pose is a powerful pose that strengthens your arms and leg muscles. It also builds your willpower and affects your body and mind positively. Start by stretching your arms, but at the same time avoid bending your elbow. Bend your knees, inhale and push your pelvis downwards. Take deep breaths and enjoy the effects.

Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana or cobra pose is used to strengthen your lower back and lengthen your spine. You also get to strengthen your triceps and open for chest promoting breathing. Start by lying on the stomach with your feet together. Place your hands below your shoulders, lift your waist and inhale as you raise your head. Pull back your torso and exhale as you come back to the ground. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat again.

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose restores physical, mental, and emotional vitality. When inserted between asanas and other yoga practices, it helps you to let go and surrender. Bend your knees, sit on them and lean forward. Your head should be between your legs. Hold the pose for a few minutes and repeat.

Worrier 1

The warrior one pose strengthens your arms and your legs. To start, put your right leg forward, your left leg should be back TO CREATE A LONG STANCE. BEND YOUR RIGHT LEG to let your knee close to the mat, and extend your arms. Stay for a few seconds or a minute and change the legs this time your left foot in front.

Warrior 2

Like worrier one, warrior two also strengthen your legs and arms. Do the same steps as you did with warrior one, but this time your palm should be on the floor facing down. Bend your knee and stick it in front of your right ankle. Make sure it is behind your toes.

Tree Pose

The tree pose helps you with balance. Put your feet together, raise your left leg, and place it on your right leg inner thigh. Don’t place it near the knee, but up higher on your hips. Change position after a while and repeat with your right leg.

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