Yoga For Beginners

Yoga becomes part of daily routine young and old, men and women as well as people of different nationalities. When we start to do yoga, which aspects are important to know for correct and safe yoga practice?  Not every yoga practitioner knows it. Yoga for beginners required focus on non traumatic, gentle, slow physical practice in form of asana, easy concentrated, comfortable postured, interesting meditation, light and simple pranayama or breathing exercises. As many of yoga beginners start to do yoga after 25 years old their ligaments, discs, joints are not much healthy and they can not immediately perform complicated yoga asana postures like Sarvangasana or Kapotasana. Its is very important to prepare the joints, ligaments and muscles for further work in yoga class either for sitting position or for further more advanced asana. In bookyogatherapy center in Rishikesh we focus on exact and gentle warm up for ligaments and joints, we are preforming surya namaskar or sun salutation in step by step practice without forceful pushing. In pranayama three aspects are important in yoga for beginners – first one is ability to seat as most of practices. 70 % of clients in pranayama class can not seat in one posture steady more than 15 min. Reason for that is back pain as muscles are not strong and can not hold the back  straight long time. For sure the client can not get satisfaction from this practice and he or she required special preparation practice as well as correct adjustment for that. In meditation we should take care by beginners in giving not a powerful, not boring, annoying practice. Their process of concentration is very slow and distractive, its required to give short with concentration and add more kriya at the begin.

100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training offers ability to learn foundation and relative advanced techniques of yoga. The world standard of 200 and 300 hrs of yoga teacher training focused on only very specific parts of practice, mainly it is asana. In many places in Rishikesh and in India itself are given meditation,  pranayama, anatomy, physiology, alignment and adjustment , ayurveda, mantra. Each school gives full spectrum but each of it focused on particular part that is mastered better,  in most schools its is asana. Asana can be given in variety of styles like hatha, ashtanga, iyengar, yin, kriya. Variety of meditation and pranayama as well as meditation techniques are not covered in huge volume. In one month is physically not possible to learn vedic science but its possible to understand and be able to offer yoga class that can bring your future client those harmony, relax and physical tonus that he or she was searching. If student wants to learn deeper meditation, pranayama of yoga philosophy, mantra, ayurveda they can join the separate course like kundalini meditation or yoga philosophy.


The Retreat Program

5 days free guided Vipassana meditation retreat in our Himalayan Yoga Eco Center for everyone who booked min. 15  days program.


Teacher Training Program

7 days free guided Vipassana meditation retreat meditation retreat in our Himalayan Yoga Eco Center for everyone who booked min 15  days program

100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

Our happy clients



I was joining 1 week detox and 3 weeks of yin yoga, and I had an amazing time at the Vedansha ashram! This experience has empowered me and it taught me more about how to accomplish great thing in life, and in the same time have the balance in all areas of life. The teaching was about how to eat, speak (words you use), act, breathing control, anatomy, meditation, chanting and yoga.

Kari (Norway)


The teachers are really what makes this place, they are incredible. A particular mention to Lata, Deepak, Sandeep & Pandey Ji, thank you, I’ve learnt everything I set out to on the yoga therapy course and more.   

Rachel (United Kindom)

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What you can get for free?

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What you can get for free?

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Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Yoga therapy teacher training is new branch of yoga. Its has combination of manual therapy, ayurvedic acupressure, yoga asana, massages, pranayama, meditation. Yoga therapy can also be adjusted with acupuncture if master possess this method. Asana in yoga therapy has a different effect and quality in compare with asana in yoga teacher training. Therapeutic asana are based on slow and gentle movement with simple and effective stretching, alignment postures without powerful and rough movement.  Cat, Cow, Dolphin, plug poses – can be successfully used in yoga therapy teacher training. Nadishodhana, cool and warm techniques can be adjusted according to the state of disease. With meditation techniques need to be a bit careful, because one of main purpose of meditation practice in yoga therapy teacher training is balancing of chakra system, ida, pingala and sushumnanadis. It can be done successfully with breath meditation, nidra meditation etc. The approach of yoga therapy should be adjusted individually according disease and clients requirments

100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

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100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

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100 Hour yoga teacher training rishikesh india

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